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 Car Locksmith Canberra: top tips

In the locksmith business, we’ve seen our fair share of car owners locked out of their cars, with their cars broken into, among many other sticky situations. So we feel we know a fair bit about keeping people and their cars safe. Today we’ll take you through our top tips for keeping you and your car safe.

Fix it now

Ask any car locksmith Canberra or anywhere, and they’ll tell you that if you have any problems with your car’s locking system, or even think you might have a problem, get it looked at before it becomes more serious. We’ve all been guilty of putting off dealing with that sticky lock or car remote that doesn’t work, but if you can get a locksmith to look at it now, it will save you time, money and peace of mind in the long run.

Have a spare key

Another piece of advice is to always have a spare car key locked away somewhere safe. If you don’t have a spare one floating around, get one made by a professional locksmith. Then keep your spare key somewhere safe at work or at home. It’s human nature that we all lose our keys at some point, so knowing you have that spare tucked away could be really convenient in a pinch.

Keep your keys to yourself

Finally, we can’t say this enough, but hang onto your car keys for dear life. This is especially true when it comes to kids. It’s so easy for a child to grab a set of car keys from the bench or table, and next thing you know, you’ve got a toddler who has locked himself in the car and is about to go on a road trip!

If you’d like to have a locksmith take a look at that car key that isn’t working, get in touch with one of the team at Night and Day Locksmiths. With years of experience, we’re happy to help.