bigstock Young man in ironworks trainin 94058756 300x200 - Why You Should Turn To Night & Day Locksmiths When You Need An Expert In The FieldLocksmiths carry a very varied role from making duplicate keys (with key cutting Canberra services), to repairing locks and even assisting those who have managed to lock themselves out of their home or car. While there is no degree required to get into this field of work, there are plenty of other steps involved in becoming a skilled professional who is able to tend to your every lock need. Here is how to become a locksmith in Canberra.


Those aspiring to become a locksmith must start by undergoing formal training to ensure they learn the necessary skills. This can be completed through a certificate or diploma programs that are available nationwide. You can also train in a specific field, such as automotive, and focus on that one key area.

Locksmith Apprenticeship Canberra

The next step is to find someone to take you on as their apprentice. This is an opportunity for you to take on a paying job, while also learning in the process. Apprentices take on a large range of tasks and responsibilities that grow as they develop new skills along the way.

Practise Makes Perfect

While some choose to continue their education further or look to gain a professional certification, continuing to practise in the field is the best way to grow your skills. The experts at Night and Day Locksmiths have more than 35 years’ experience in the industry, making them professionals you can trust to get the job done. For all your domestic, commercial and automotive locksmith needs, be sure to give them a call today.