Locked outlocksmith queanbeyan 300x200 - How your locksmith in Queanbeyan can help

We’ve all been there – rushing out the door in the morning, pulling the front door closed, only to realise with a rising feeling of dread, that you never picked up your keys on the way out. This is the situation most people would think of when asked what a locksmith does. But a locksmith Queanbeyan based or elsewhere in the ACT, actually offers a whole lot more.

Updating security systems

Locksmiths aren’t just to help you out in emergency situations. If you take a walk around your house, you’ll probably notice that some of the locks on your doors and windows are rusty, old, or just don’t keep your house as safe as you’d like. A locksmith can assess your locks and provide you with better security for your home.

Locksmiths are the best people to advise you on your door and window security. If you want to explore more technologically advanced options, one of our locksmiths has the knowledge to tech up your home lock systems.

Vehicle services

As well as replacing and updating the locks on your home, a locksmith can also assist with any lock-related problems you are having with your car. They can help you get back into your vehicle if you’ve been locked out, or produce a replacement key when you’ve lost yours.

Instead of waiting until an emergency, get in touch with one of the team at Night and Day Locksmiths to help you with everything lock and key related for your home and vehicle.