Are you looking for a locksmith in Canberra?

Let’s fact it: we all have at least one of those stories… Being locked out the house and feeling absolutely stranded. Unable to gain entry to the office when you need to attend to something urgently. Faulty locking system on a car, putting your safety at risk. That is why knowing a reputable locksmith in Canberra is not only about convenience, it’s a matter of safety and peace of mind. Especially when these incidents happen out of hours, which is quite often the case.

We are available 24 hours every day

Emergencies and other urgent incidents don’t only occur during office hours. There is nothing more frustrating that needing a service urgently, only to find all businesses are closed. That’s why at Night and Day Locksmiths we have qualified locksmiths available at all hours. If you need a 24 hour locksmith in Canberra, we are the ‘go to’ business – just as our name suggests. What’s more, we offer a comprehensive range of locksmith services to ensure that we can help you in any situation.

We provide a full range of key solutions

Whether you need to gain access to your home, office, car, or just about anywhere, our professional locksmiths are at your service. Our locksmiths are fully qualified and have experience working with all types of locks and locking systems. We believe in offering our clients a comprehensive service that covers all eventualities. That means that when you phone us, you can be assured that we will provide the key solution you need.

You’ll need this…

Remember to save our contact details where you can access them easily, day or night. Whether you need a minor and major job done, you will benefit from the convenience of our 24 hour professional service. If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in an emergency where a door is looked, or a lock is problematic, you will need to have our contact details readily available.