Locksmiths are typically sought out when keys are lost or broken. But can locksmiths open safes too? Professional locksmiths with the relevant training can certainly help you gain access to the contents of your safe. 

Keeping valuable items and documents in a safe is a great way to protect them from theft, fire, and natural disasters.

Like many other items, safes have advanced in terms of the technology they utilise. Many people still choose to use more traditional safes that lock with a key or a traditional combination dial. However, other advanced locking mechanisms include digital keypads and biometric fingerprint readers.

No matter what type of safe you choose to use, there is always a risk that you might – at some point – find yourself unable to gain access to the contents of your safe.

Can locksmiths open safes without breaking them?

Although it is possible to cut open a locked safe, this is something we seldom resort to. The locksmiths at Night and Day Locksmiths are qualified and experienced professionals. We might need to use a drill and a scope to diagnose the problem with the lock, but it’s very unlikely we will actually cut the safe open.

What information do I need to provide the locksmith?

If you are struggling to open a safe, please contact us for assistance. The following information is very helpful to have on hand when contacting us:

  • Type of safe
  • Type of locking mechanism
  • Manufacturer of safe
  • Model number
  • Approximate size of the safe lock
  • Information printed on any tags on the safe