We’ve all experienced either locking our keys in the car, misplacing them, or just having them not do the job properly due to old age. What’s most frustrating is being stuck without the use of your vehicle because of it. Instead of paying the high roadside assistance costs, contact our auto locksmith in Canberra.

Best Equipment

With the complex electronics that are in today’s vehicles, it’s no longer just a case of cutting keys – chips have to be programmed to ensure that the vehicle works. Many people think that you have to visit a car dealer, which can be surprisingly expensive. However, a specialist auto locksmith has the necessary equipment to do this for you at a fraction of the cost, and they deal with motorbike, cars, vans and truck keys.

An auto locksmith can do more than duplicate keys. Sometimes your car door lock is damaged or your keys have snapped in the ignition. An auto locksmith will most likely be able to fix the faulty car lock, fit a new one, or repair the ignition.

Mobile Service

Being mobile means that when things go wrong, like locking your keys in your car or misplacing them, it can be costly to fix the situation. You usually have to call an expensive roadside assistance team to come to your aid. Auto locksmiths in Canberra, like Night And Day Locksmiths, have an urgent response team available to solve your vehicle lock problems without delay.