24 hour locksmith canberra 300x200 - How to find a trustworthy 24 Hour Locksmith CanberraFinding a 24 hour locksmith in Canberra

Anyone that has ever locked themselves out of their home will know that horrible feeling. Panic sets in as you realise there’s no way to get back into your home. It is a huge relief when your trusted locksmith turns up to let you back inside. But how can you find a 24 hour locksmith in Canberra you know you can trust to call at any time of the day?

Find one in advance

It might not seem necessary when you don’t actually need a locksmith, but saving the details of a locksmith in your diary or phone can really come in handy. Ask for recommendations from family or friends to find one you know you can trust if you get caught without your keys.

Ask for licenses

You are well within your rights to request to see a locksmith’s license number. You can also ask them what qualifications they have and if they have the appropriate accreditation. If the locksmith you are asking fails to supply this information, or even hesitates to produce it, it’s time to look elsewhere. A reputable locksmith will happily prove that they are qualified and licensed in their profession.

Look locally

One of the best ways to ensure you’re getting a locksmith who you can trust is to find someone local. Ask people who you know are local to the area if they have any recommendations. A local locksmith like Night and Day Locksmiths is one you can count on to show up whenever you need them.