bigstock 137627627 300x200 - Things you didn’t know about a Locksmith in CanberraThe art of locksmithing is actually a very old practice. In fact, the oldest locks are about 4000 years old and were made by the Egyptians to secure doors shut. The job of a locksmith can differ around the world, however it generally involves fixing broken locks, replacing keys and installing security systems. Here are 8 interesting facts about being a locksmith in Canberra:

  1. There are many different reasons you may call in a locksmith, from emergency locksmiths, domestic locksmiths and automotive locksmiths to commercial and real estate locksmiths.
  2. The art of lock picking is actually big business. There are seminars, magazines, tutorials and more dedicated to it.
  3. There is an event called the Lock Picking Championship that is organised by The Open Organisation of Lockpickers and takes place each year with people from all over the world entering.
  4. Back in ancient Egypt where locks were first made, it was a sign of symbol and status, as only the wealthy could afford them.
  5. Harry Houdini was actually a locksmith before he became a magician.
  6. A really good locksmith can duplicate almost any key out there. This is a good one to remember when your car dealership says they are the only ones who can do it…
  7. When you see people in the movies picking locks with bobby pins, this is highly exaggerated and not the case at all.
  8. There are locksmiths who work with the police to provide them with access to buildings.