Job of a Locksmith

Locksmiths serve a variety of purposes from helping you get back into your home, your car, replicating a key, and a number of other helpful things. Here are some different scenarios for why you might need a locksmith in Canberra.


You have gone out shopping with the kids in tow and left the car parked in the carpark. After a couple of hours, the kids are tired and you are all ready to go home. You reach the car only to find out the keys are no longer there. The kids may have been playing with them and they fell out, perhaps you knocked them out at some point? The team at Night & Day Locksmiths can come to you will have you back in your car in no time.

Late Night

You head out to the pub at night for some drinks with friends after work. You get back home only to realise your keys are still sitting on your desk in the office where you left them. It is too late to head back and get them as it is all locked up. The team at Night & Day Locksmiths will come to you no matter what the time is and get you back inside safely.

New Tenant

You are living in a two-bedroom flat on your own and decided to rent out the second bedroom for a bit of income. You suddenly need a second key for this person. You can take your current key in to Night & Day Locksmiths and have it replicated on the spot.