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We always like to think that the worst won’t happen to us. We won’t be the person who loses their office keys, locks themselves out of their home or lose the keys to your car. However, these things do happen and they usually occur at the most inconvenient times possible. Here are some scenarios in which you may find yourself needing an emergency locksmith in Canberra.

School pick up

You are just about to leave the house for school pick up and realise you can’t find the keys anywhere. You search your handbag, under the couch, every possible location you can think of, only to realise they are nowhere to be seen and you are now running late. An emergency locksmith from Night & Day Locksmiths will have you in your car as quickly as possible to help you get to your kids in time.

Office Meeting

You have an important business meeting and turn up to work only to realise you have lost your office keys. You have important clients meeting you in the next hour and don’t have time to retrace your steps to try and find them. An expert at Night & Day Locksmiths will have you back in your office in time for that meeting, saving you lots of hassle.

Late Night

You come home from a late night only to find you have misplaced your keys and can’t get into your home. It’s the last thing you need late at night when you have nowhere else to stay. The locksmiths at Night & Day Locksmiths will be with you no matter the time to get you inside safely.