emergency locksmith canberra 300x199 - Ask an Emergency locksmith in Canberra: Should you get new locks when you lose your keys?Ask any emergency locksmith in Canberra or anywhere in Australia. They’ll all tell you that they’ve seen countless people who have lost their house keys. Most of us can admit to losing our keys at least once, or at least thinking we’ve lost them until they turn up again!

So when you lose your keys, what should you do?

If you are sure you’ve lost your keys, and you have left your spare set inside, it’s best to call a locksmith, like Night & Day Locksmiths. A qualified locksmith will be able to pick your lock to let you back into your house.

Should you replace your lock?

Once you are safely back inside, you need to decide if you are going to replace your locks. We always recommend to never have any identifying information on your keys. Making your keys unidentifiable means that the chance of a burglar picking up your keys and using them to enter your house is slim. Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry. And for your peace of mind it may be worth thinking about.

Your options

Your first option is to have your lock re-keyed. This means that your lost keys won’t work anymore, and you’ll be given a new set. This is cheaper than having the whole lock replaced, but unfortunately it can’t be done on all locks. Your next option is to replace your locks. Consider going for a smartlock or one with a code that can be easily changed. 

If you have lost your keys, and are wondering where to go from here, get in touch with the team at Night and Day Locksmiths, who can go through these options, and more. They’ll help you find the best solution.